( I )Date of Establishment
Investment Holding Company:CHC Healthcare Group
Date of Incorporation: November 27, 2009  

(II) Address & Tel No. of Head Office, Branch Office and Factory
1. Head Office: CHC Investment Holding Company
Address: 6F, No.366, Changchun Rd., Zhungshan District, Taipei City
Tel. No.:(02)6608-1999



◆The subsidiary, Tomorrow Medical System Co., Ltd., signed proton therapy system cooperation contract with Taipei Medical University and Taipei Medical University Hospital in January, which will be of great benefit to the subsidiary for its business development and sales.


Signed MoU with Lippo Group in January to set up a healthcare management company in Jakarta, Indonesia together through a joint venture way for the purpose of establishing medical platform for export the healthcare management service, medicines and medical equipment to Indonesia and sharing the commercial opportunity of healthcare reform.
The subsidiary, Medlink Healthcare Limited, acquired 100% shares of Shih-Lu Co., Ltd. for channel expansion and business needs.


Became Great China market (Taiwan, China and Hong Kong) exclusive distributor of Swissray for digital X-ray imaging system.
Became Great China market (Taiwan, China and Hong Kong) exclusive distributor of Yoshida, a hundred years history dental company in Japan.
Cheng Yeh Investment Holding Company was officially renamed CHC Healthcare Group, and reinvested through offshore company CHC Healthcare (BVI) Limited to establish sub-subsidiary CHC Healthcare (HK) Limited.
Established White Essence Co., to provide dental whitening products and service.
Became Taiwan market distributor of Belgium ION BEAM APPLICATIONS SA(IBA) for Proton Therapy System.
Listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange, stock code: 4164


Be awarded the best medical department sales agency in APAC, 2010 by Leica. 
◆Became Taiwan exclusive agency of Sweden C-RAD. 
◆The group formally importing SAP ERP system, becoming the first medical instrument sales company that adopted SAP R3 in Taiwan.


Became Taiwan exclusive agency of Leica Surgical Microscope for surgical microscope. 
◆Became Taiwan exclusive agency of Germany Heine for ophthalmic equipments.

Became Taiwan exclusive agency for Lumenis eye and dental professional laser therapy product line.

Acquired Taiwan exclusive agency from US Imaging Sciences Incorporate for 3D dental X-ray CT imaging system and installed the first full size CT imaging system in Taiwan in the same year.

Established Chiu Ho Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. to deal with sales business of radiation oncology medical instruments. 
Be awarded the best sales agency in Asia-Pacific, 2000 by Elekta. 
Cooperated with Taoyuan Hospital of Dept. of Health to set up New Life Cancer Center and made investment to install the latest Elekta Precise liner accelerator, Nucletron Simulix-HP and PLATO 3D computer treatment planning system.

Started cooperating with Taipei Wan Fang Hospital to establish Dept. of Radiation Oncology, assisting and planning to build professional space for it with setup of Elekta linear accelerator, Nucletron X-ray simulator, remote Nucletron Brachytherapy Afterloading and 3D computer treatment planning system, and providing the first apparatus for radiation oncology treatment services in Muzha and Shenken Districts.

Be awarded the best Asian agency by France SMV.

Be awarded the best agency of the year 1992 by Dutch Nucletron for No.1 sales performance in APAC; won the best agency every year thereafter.


Acquired Taiwan exclusive agency from Italy VILLA for radiodiagnosis X-ray system equipment; and acquired Taiwan exclusive agency from Germany PTW for radiation quality validation system.


Acquired Taiwan agency for X-ray equipment and medical X-ray film processor, etc. from IMS.


President Li, Pei-Lin founded Chiuho Instrument and Regent Co., Ltd. in 1977, the first subsidiary of CHC Healthcare Group, engaged in transaction of professional medical equipments. In early establishment, the company focused on X-ray related equipments business (e.g. mobile X-ray machine, medical X-ray film processor, etc.)



◆The subsidiary, Chiu Ho Medical System Co., Ltd., signed proton therapy system selling contract with Changhua Christian Hospital.

◆Became Great China market (Taiwan, China and Hong Kong) exclusive distributor of Canadian Novadaq Technologies Co., for SPY® & PinPoint Image-guided Surgery System.
Established Chiu Ho (China) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
The Best Sales Performance Gold Award by Leica.
Become Taiwan exclusive distributor of Austrian Croma Gesellschaft m.b.H. for intraocular lens and vitreous products.
Become Taiwan distributor of Ellex Medical Pty. Ltd for ophthalmic laser products.
Become Taiwan distributor of Asia GE Healthcare for diagnostic imaging equipment and molecular medical imaging systems.
High End Quality Award by Leica;
Became Taiwan exclusive distributor of Carestream (Kodak) for dental Imaging system;

Introduction of German Technolas Perfect Vision F520 Intracor femtosecond laser, and obtained the product license by Dept. of Health in Taiwan.
The group made investment for reorganization that CHC Healthcare Group transferred all shares to shareholders of CHC Healthcare Group, and reinvested through offshore company CHC Healthcare (BVI) Limited to establish sub-subsidiary Chiu Ho Medical System Co., Ltd. in Guanzhou City.
Initial public offering (IPO) in Sept. and registered at Emerging stock market in Oct.
Became Taiwan exclusive distributor of German Technolas for ophthalmic Excimer (LASIK vision correction system) and Femtosecond laser instruments.
The Annual Best Sales Distributor by Philip.
The Best Sales Distributor for tumor system in APAC, by Elekta.
Cheng Yeh Investment Holding Company was officially established with capital NT$100,000 and expanded synergy to the Great China market by reorganizing 16 companies including Chiu Ho Medical System Co., Ltd.
Established Chiu Ho Technology Co., Ltd. to become Taiwan exclusive agency of Bausch& Lomb eye care products; established ophthalmology sales & technical service team to build sales service network in north, middle and south area.
Kaohsiung Office was established. Chu Yan Instrument Co., Ltd. was set up to join the group operation for selling business in the filed of dental products; 
◆Acquired Taiwan exclusive agency from Japan YOSHIDA for dental products.
Taichung office was established. 
Sold and installed the first Elekta IMRT (intensity modulation radiation therapy) - linear accelerator causing sharply growth of selling business year after year. 
Cooperated with Cathay General Hospital to establish Department of Radiation Oncology, replaced original cobalt 60 equipments and invested to install the latest 3D conformal radiation therapy with the relevant equipments of radiation oncology, resulting in highly growth of oncotherapy business.
Acquired Taiwan exclusive agency from France SMV for nuclear medicine image to start service of the installation in Taiwan nuclear medicine image market.
Acquired Taiwan exclusive agency from Sweden for oncotherapy system; Roger, senior engineer of UK Elekta original factory was hired to assume the post of chief engineer of technical leadership and established Chiuho professional oncotherapy-linear accelerator technical team. It was a rare pioneering work that foreign professional technician training team was directly hired by local enterprises in Taiwan for long term.
Acquired Taiwan exclusive agency for radiotherapy equipment from Dutch Nucletron, breaking into the filed of radiation oncology equipment; after then, the first remote Nucletron Brachytherapy Afterloading therapy system equipment was introduced in Taiwan.
Acquired sales agency in Taiwan for X-Ray Medical Equipment from Japan Tanaka.