Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Gamma Knife Center opening ceremony(2018-07-12)
2018 Taipei UPMC Endonasal Endoscopic Hands-on Skull Base Cadaver Dissection Course
Mackay Medical College Temporal Bone Surgical Dissection Program(2018-06-06)
2018 Mid-year Scientific Meeting of the Ophthalmological Society of Taiwan(2018-05-27)
2018 TSSH Annual Meeting(2018-05-06)
2018 The 23rd Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference(2018-05-06)
The 10th National Yang Ming University-Taipei Veterans General Hospital Rosmarie Frick Microsurgical Anastomosis Course Program(2018-04-29)
The 11th Scientific Meeting for the Asian Australasian Society of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery.(2018-04-22)
The 12nd National Yang Ming University-Taipei Veterans General Hospital Lectures and Hands-on Cadaver Dissection Course for Cerebrovascular Microsurgery(2018-04-22)
Tzu Chi University Microsurgery Hands-On Course for Otolaryngology(2018-04-18)
2018 NCKHU Temporal Bone Surgical Dissection Program(2018-04-01)
2018 Taiwan Academy of Ophthalmology(TWAO)(2018-04-01)
Chiu Ho Medical System Co., Ltd. Has Received the Highest Revenue 2017 Award from Leica(2018-02-26)
2017 Gamma Knife Users Meeting and Taiwan Society for Skull Base Surgery Winter Symposium(2018-12-23)
The 2nd Annual Meeting of TSRM conjoined with The 1st East Asia Reconstructive Microsurgery Forum(2017-12-17)
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